(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
In the space separating two things
1. (act of lying between) interjacence, intervenience, interlocation, interpenetration; interjection, interpolation, interlineation, interspersion, intercalation; interlocution, obiter dictum, intervention, interference, interposition, intrusion, obtrusion, insinuation, insertion.
2. (something interposed) buffer [state]; parenthesis, episode; flyleaf; embolism; partition, septum, diaphragm, midriff; property line, dividing line, Mason-Dixon line; party wall, bulkhead; panel, halfway house; interim. See middle, time.
3. (person) intermediary, go-between, middleman, medium (See agent); intruder, interloper, trespasser, meddler; kibitzer. Slang, buttinsky, chiseler, gate-crasher.
1. intervene, come between, step in, slide in, interpenetrate; interfere, put an oar in, thrust one's nose in, cut in; intrude, obtrude; have a finger in the pie. Informal, liaise. Slang, butt in, horn in, barge in, muscle in; tamper with, fuck with. See hindrance.
2. put between, introduce, insinuate, import; interpose, interject, intercalate, interpolate, interline, interleave, intersperse, interweave, interlard, insert, sandwich; divide, partition, separate, fence or screen off; throw, let, wedge, edge, drag, worm, run, or work in; dovetail, splice, mortise (See junction).
1. interjacent, interveniert, intervening, intermediate, intermediary, intercalary, interstitial, intramural; embolismal; parenthetical, episodic; mediterranean; intrusive, interfering, meddlesome, officious, obtrusive.
2. divided, partitioned, separated, fenced or screened off.
Adverbs — between, betwixt; among[st], amid[st], in the thick (of), in the middle; betwixt and between; parenthetically, obiter dictum.
Quotations — Something there is that doesn't love a wall (Robert Frost), There's a front seat and a back seat, and a window in between (Billy Wilder).
Antonyms, See exterior, end, side.
(Roget's IV) prep.
Syn. separating, within, enclosed by, bounded by, amidst, amid, among, in, in between, interpolated, mid, interjacent, intervening, inserted, in the midst of, in the middle, medially, centrally located, surrounded by, midway, halfway, intermediate to, linking, connecting, betwixt, in the thick of, betwixt and between, sandwichwise*; see also among .
between you and me,
Syn. confidentially, privately, personally; see secretly .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) prep.
amidst, among, within, in the thick, intermediate.

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